What Skills Should an RV Collision Repair Company Have?

RVs fall into the category of heavy vehicles made of steel and aluminum as the structural components. Special set of skills and experience requires for RV body repair especially if it is the damage as a result of accident or collision. So from an RV repair shop you should expect some additional occupational skills for repairing collision damage which car or other light vehicle repair experts do not usually have.

The first thing you need to see if the shop can take the job of RV repair. So quick signs should be the machinery and equipment available to fix steel and aluminum structure components of RVs. Damaged in a collision, RV body work and frame repair require big equipment and equipment used for large vehicles.

Repairing RV frames requires special treatment.  The technician must be aware that it is the frame which works as the main structure on which whole RV survives. To fix the bends or repair it, it should not be over-heated to white hot because it becomes too hot to come close to melting. The annealing process must be done by some expert to avoid losing the actual and required steel properties. The steel and overall structure may become weak and may cause unbalance to the body of the RV or motor home.

Handling aluminum is also an art in itself. Since it is light weight, it is used in constructing RV excessively. Straightening of aluminum is a lot different from the steel. So make sure the technicians working on your RV know characteristics of Aluminum very well.

Wood working skills are also very important. Make sure that wood panels work and other wood work is done by the wood experts.

Make sure the shop has also good testing facility once your RV is repaired. In big vehicles, there may be some hidden damages still left which can only be discovered after testing properly. An expert technician will tell you such invisible cracks and issues which you cannot find out apparent.

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